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Fungi are live pathogens that attack the living tissues of a plant. Diseases can be spread by carry-over contact, wind, or water. Latent fungi spores can remain inactive for up to five years before reproducing. Weather conditions can have a great effect on the spread of diseases in your landscape. A warm, moist environment is considered to be favorable to fungus development. A sound maintenance program can help to prevent many diseases before they become a problem. Good cultural practices can aid in helping to prevent diseases (i.e.. not watering your lawn at night, proper handling of diseased plants, correct pruning practices, etc).


Brown Patch & “Take-All” Patch constitute the vast majority of fungus problems in southern lawns. We recommend a two-step approach when treating these diseases. First, apply ferti•lome® F-Stop, followed by an application of ferti•lome® Liquid Systemic Fungicide. In severe cases, repeated applications may be necessary. It is advisable to apply a preventive application of ferti•lome® F-Stop in the spring & fall. Any disease control program should be part of a sound lawn care program.

Flowers, Trees & Shrubs

A Triple-Action Plus Insecticide • Fungicide • Miticide should generally be used as a first line of defense against disease. However, certain diseases require more target specific fungicides. We recommend a Liquid Systemic Fungicide for both soil & airborne fungi. To prevent local disease resistance we recommend alternating between a Liquid Systemic Fungicide and a Vegetable, Flower, Fruit and Ornamental Fungicide.

Refer to the “made easy” programs for Roses, Azaleas & other blooming shrubs or bedding plants for more information.

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