Drip Irrigation

Design Guide Agrifim Drip Irrigation

With our Agrifim systems, we have focused our efforts on supplying the finest quality water conserving products for watering plants, trees, shrubs, and groundcovers. It can be used for both residential and non-residential applications.

The Agrifim complete line of products includes drip emitters with adjustable and fixed discharge rates, multi-outlet bubblers, fixed flow and adjustable micro-sprays, misters, and pre-assembled emitter lines. To complete the system, we provide a full range of tubing, fittings, stakes, regulators, valves, filters and fertilizer applicators. Environmental Benefits

By precisely delivering a measured amount of water to the root of the plant, Agrifim drip irrigation systems conserve up to 70% of the water used by a conventional sprinkler irrigation system

Competitive Benefits

Simple system automation by hooking the system into conventional electric valves and timers Soil moisture maintained at an ideal level to minimize plant stress and maximize healthy growth Weed growth reduced as water is only applied to the roots of select plants and shrubs

Agrifim products can be used by both the professional contractor and Do-It-Yourself home owners. To aid with installation, we offer the Agrifim Smart Watering Guide with product overview and instructions on how to design and install your drip watering system.