DekoRRa Rocks

DekoRRa Products decorative rocks are the most popular enclosure line within the landscaping industry as the perfect way of concealing these "eye sore" items.

DekoRRa brand artificial boulders and enclosures are easily installed by simply placing the rock over the device and securing the rock with the provided ground stakes. Add decorative stone, mulch and some plants to enhance the installation.

There are a number of styles and colors available for use in concealing an array of utility equipment. From tall models for concealing well casings, utility pedestals/back-flows and control panels, to flat rocks for hiding septic manholes, valve boxes and water gardening skimers, DekoRRa has the size you need for most applications. Beautiful

Take a look at how DekoRRa Products can provide you with a little natural addition to a new or existing utility device and give our landscaping the winning touch.