Clayton Mark YRK1 Yard Hydrant Repair Kit

  • Model: YRK1


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Clayton Mark YRK1 Yard Hydrant Repair Kit


Fits: The Clayton Mark 5451 Hydrant

  1. *Plunger - BUNA N rubber/brass (included with kit)
  2. *Fulcrum Bolt - zinc plated steel (included with kit)
  3. *Fulcrum Nut - zinc plated steel (included with kit)
  4. *Links (set of 2) - zinc plated steel (included with kit)
  5. *Set Screw square head - zinc plated steel (included with kit)
  6. *Packing Nut - brass (included with kit)
  7. *Packing - graphite (2 - 1 old, 1 new style) (included with kit)
  8. *Connector - brass (included with kit)
  9. Handle - painted cast iron
  10. Clevis Rod - SS NEW STYLE (for double bypass)
  11. Head Only - painted cast iron
  12. Obsolete
  13. Hose adapter - brass
  14. Valve Body - Brass

*Items 1-8 are included with kit.

High quality construction features of the Clayton Mark Hydrant:

Heavy cast iron head assembly with a 3/4" brass discharge hose fitting
  • Heavy zinc plated steel riser pipe that is corrosion resistant
  • Galvanized steel operating rod
  • Long lasting Buna-N rubber plunger with a solid brass core
  • Integral valve seat that is cast into a bronze valve body. Valve body has a 3/4" female iron pipe thread with six flow channels built into the bottom of the valve for better flow and less debris blockage
  • Valve body has a 1/8" FPT drain hole ( use a 1/8" Brass street ell & a 1/8" x 2" brass nipple pointed in a downward direction to assist good hydrant drainage )
  • Hydrants are fully adjustable and are rated to 80 psi
  • Packing is Teflon filled graphite. When selecting hydrant, keep in mind that the overall length of a hydrant is 30" longer than the bury depth
  • These standard 3/4" hydrants have a 3/4" FPT inlet at the base of the valve body, use 1" galvanized steel riser pipe and a 3/4" male hose thread connection on the hydrant head. The flow rate of standard hydrants is approximately 45 gallons per minute at 50 psi.

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